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Rochelle Mason, Painter

Rochelle Mason, PainterRochelle Mason has been painting animals professionally since 1980 and in 1990 began focusing her career on endangered species. She is especially passionate about representing animals that get little public attention. Rochelle's mission to raise awareness about endangered species through art is accomplished by creating numerous traveling art exhibitions featured primarily in natural history museums and by writing the column "Focus on Nature: Insight into the Lives of Animals" for various publications across the US.

"My Mom taught me the most valuable lesson about animals when I was young: respect them and learn from them". At the time, Rochelle was "dealing" with a spider.

Knowing most people don't like "unpopular" animals such as snakes and spiders and bats and bugs, it became Mason's personal mission to change their perceptions about these misunderstood creatures. And, it's been a race against time as more and more species slide towards extinction.

Mason's new series of abstract paintings reveals alluring attributes of these animals, so ambiguous viewers get immersed in currents of color, eddies of paint and intriguing, whimsical shapes that beg a closer look, inviting curiosity and fascination.

A science degree in Veterinary Technology, neatly tucked in her back pocket, has been advantageous in understanding the anatomy of what she's painting, from arthropod skeletal structure to wing venation. Rochelle also weaves her interests in cosmology and quantum mechanics into her work by defining loose, spontaneous brush strokes, adding minute details and offering close-up perspectives.

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