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Private Workshops for Artists offer creative learning opportunities on the Big Island of Hawai'i.

Each workshop is presented by Rochelle Mason, a professional artist with over 30 years of practicing art, numerous museum exhibitions and a following of international collectors.

Private Workshops for Artists are held in Rochelle's peaceful studio in Volcano, on the Big Island of Hawai'i, just minutes from Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park. If you prefer to meet at your choice of location, travel fees for Rochelle may apply.

Private Workshops for Artists can accomodate up to 3 people. Discounts are available for multiple workshops, family and kama'aina. Please contact Rochelle to check available dates.

Iberian lynx eyes

Painting Animal Eyes - Expressing Personality
5-hour workshop. $125 per person

If you look closely you can perceive personality in almost any animal as expressed by the eyes. This most basic yet difficult to illustrate feature will be the focus of this informative and intriguing workshop. A pictorial study of basic eye structure and expression helps artists sketch the eyes of various species in various moods and under varied lighting conditions. Rochelle studied anatomy while in the Veterinary Technology program at Purdue and found that it has made a huge difference when painting animals, especially their eyes. She will also share "tricks" to help you paint eyes with accuracy and life. Please bring your sketching supplies (and favorite medium, if desired) and a light lunch. Contact

koa bug     
Painting Nature Up Close
6-hour workshop. $149 per person

When we look closely at the details of lichen, leaves, lava, bark and grasses we begin to see the incredible beauty and intricacy that compose the natural world. Capturing the form, textures and minute details of objects in nature are the focus of this fascinating and inspiring workshop. While studying materials in nearby Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park artists learn that with attention to the details of the "parts", they find a new way of creating the "whole" with liveliness and clarity. Please bring your sketching supplies (and favorite medium, if desired), a light lunch and layered clothing for possible changing weather. Contact

Hawaiian short-eared owl

Avian Art - Painting Birds
5-hour workshop. $125 per person   

From feathers to flight, behavior to birdsong, birds have long been viewed with special fascination. This workshop teaches artists how to draw avian structure and movement and how to make these magical creatures come alive on the drawing board. Beginning with a look at basic avian anatomy, sexual dimorphism, species comparisons and evolutionary adaptations, we will progress to techniques for painting feathers and feather patterns, eyes, legs, beaks and bills. Habitat, diet and behavior are also discussed as relevant elements to any composition. Please bring your sketching supplies (and favorite medium, if desired) and a light lunch. Contact

pastel painting   

Pastel Painting
5-hour workshop. $125 per person  

Softness, warmth, boldness and vibrancy can all describe the pastel medium. In this informative workshop Rochelle shares her successful techniques in creating realistic pastel paintings of animals. Demonstrations on approach, application and blending of the soft pastels will familiarize artists with this wonderfully sensitive and diverse medium. Rochelle's extensive selection of soft pastels and papers are yours to practice with enabling you to get a feel for the various brands - if you don't have your own. This long-lasting, durable medium comprised of pure pigment and originally made popular by Edgar Degas, will surprise you as there is nothing that cannot be beautifully represented. Also, you're sure to enjoy the absence of drying time and brushes!  Please bring a light lunch. Contact

Darcy's sea otter

Drawing Animals Workshop for Young Artists
2-hour workshop. $49 per child 

In this fun and exciting workshop young artists begin by learning the basics of how to use shapes in drawing general body and facial outlines. Proportion is used as a guide enabling children see how the "parts", or shapes, make up the whole. We then move on to adding details, such as eyes, noses, mouths, etc, within these outlines. Children are encouraged to use their favorite medium after making sketches, giving them the oppportunity to learn about drawing fur and feathers. Young artists that have learned these basics of drawing animals can advance into learning more about eyes, ears, fur and feather patterns, feet, legs and scales of various mammals, birds, insects and reptiles, as well as learning about highlighting and shading. Please bring your sketching supplies (and favorite medium, if desired) and a snack. Contact

The Business of Art

4-hour workshop. $99 per person  

Are you an artist with heavy right-brained creativity? Lets get the left side of your brain involved in your art career! The topics in this fun and informative workshop include defining your style, assembling a portfolio, pricing, marketing, advertising, web presence, printmaking,
contracts, recordkeeping, copyrights and exhibiting series of paintings. There are no great expenses involved with these basic necessities to get your artwork into the hands of the buying public. If you're starting your artistic career or ready to move your established career in a new direction, Rochelle can give you insight based on her 30 years of experience as a successful, professional artist painting on commission basis, being represented in galleries, exhibiting internationally in natural history museums and cultivating collectors - all on a shoe-string budget. Please bring
a light lunch and your business questions as Rochelle is eager to help you live your artistic dreams! Contact

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