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Focus on NatureTM: Beyond Eden

Traveling Exhibition - Available for Rent

FOCUS ON NATURETM: BEYOND EDEN is a new exhibition of abstract paintings of some of the most beautiful designs found on some of the most unpopular animals; patterns with vibrancy and contrast in colors and textural effects. This new series of oil paintings by Rochelle Mason is full of movement and intriguing, whimsical shapes that invite viewers to take a closer look and see the undiscovered beauty, the art, of less-romantic species.

#1 by Rochelle Mason
# 1

#2 by Rochelle Mason
# 2

#3 by Rochelle Mason
# 3

#4 by Rochelle Mason
# 4

#5 by Rochelle Mason
# 5

#6 by Rochelle Mason
# 6

#7 by Rochelle Mason
# 7

#8 by Rochelle Mason
# 8

#9 by Rochelle Mason
# 9

#10 by Rochelle Mason
# 10

#11 by Rochelle Mason
# 11

#12 by Rochelle Mason
# 12

#13 by Rochelle Mason
# 13

Exhibition Available for Rent


Contents: 12 -13 unframed, stretched canvases measuring 24 x 48 and 36 x 48 inches, labels (additional paintings may be added in the future)

Size: 96+ linear feet

Venue length: 8 weeks (minimum)

Exhibit available: 2018-

Participation fee: $5,800 + shipping to/from San Francisco Bay Area, or negotiable. Covers an eight to ten-week period including time for installation and dismantling. Fee is prorated for longer booking periods. Deposit is due at signing of exhibition booking agreement, second payment due 90 days prior to booking period, and balance due on first day of booking period.

3 sturdy shipping cartons measuring 41 x 52 x 7.5 inches each

            Total weight 3 boxes: 135 lbs approximate

            Total cubic footage 3 boxes: 27.76 (4.9 lbs per cubic foot)

Ancillary programming: The artist, Rochelle Mason, is available for lectures to discuss the purpose of her paintings, "speciesism", how and why she chose each subject, the creative process and messages from the animals themselves. Art classes such as "Drawing Animal Eyes" and "Drawing Nature Up Close" may also be included, appealing to students of any age.